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Edmundo Santos is announcing that Pretty Localhost is Pretty with version number is already available to download.

What is Pretty Localhost is Pretty ?

Pretty Localhost is Pretty is A PHP script that gives the default server file & folder view a much needed redesign, adding support for a more colorful view and sortable columns .

Pretty Localhost is Pretty works via a mixture of PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, and will give the default server view a modern redesign.This includes a grayish theme and the ability to click on columns to have their content sorted ascending or descending.With basic CSS knowledge this default theme can be changed even further, for more personal customizations.Additionally, the Pretty Localhost is Pretty script also works with responsive layouts, includes favicon support, and can display hidden files.To show/hide hidden files, just check out the toggle button in the upper right corner.

This is changelog for Pretty Localhost is Pretty version :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Pretty Localhost is Pretty - The "Pretty Localhost is Pretty" script beautifies the default server index view

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