Download Source Code PrimeFaces 5.2.12 / 5.2

is announcing that PrimeFaces with version number 5.2.12 / 5.2 is already available to download.

What is PrimeFaces ?

PrimeFaces is A large collection of JSF components, complete with over 100 modules and widgets to use when developing your application’s user interface .

PrimeFaces can ensure a good UI and UX layer for your Java application.It was developed for Java Server Faces 2.0, and is largely based on jQuery UI.PrimeFaces adds extra support for modern technologies on top of jQuery UI, adding some extra widgets as well, allowing the developer to build rich, interactive user interfaces.Besides basic UI widgets like panels, accordions, spinners, and so on, PrimeFaces also supports AJAX interactions, PUSH, Comet, mobile devices, and the Spring Framework out of the box.PrimeFaces is basically open sourced, but the ELITE license grants early access to new versions and support from the developer.Supported Widgets:Ajax interactionsForm validationAuto-complete fieldsTogglersCheckboxesRadio buttonsCalendarsCheckbox menusColorpickerWYSIWYG editorInplace editorPlaceholdersVirtual keyboard    Button packsUI toolbarsNav barsContext menusPick listList boxesPassword fieldsSpinnersRange sliderCarouselsData exporterData listsData gridsGoogle Map manipulatorsMindmapsSchedulerTag cloudTree menusTree tablesPanelsAccordionsDashboardsFieldsetsLayout panelsNotification barsGrowl-like notificationsTab panelsWizard formsOverlaysDialog windowsLightboxesTooltipsBreadcrumb menusDock menusMega menusChartsMultimedia managerImage cropperSlideshowWebcam integrationFile widgetDrag & DropBlockUI integrationreCaptcha fieldsClocksFocus managerHotkeysIdle managerLoggersPrinter buttonsProgress barsResizablesSeparatorsSpacersSticky elementsTerminalTheme switcher, and more

This is changelog for PrimeFaces version 5.2.12 / 5.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PrimeFaces - PrimeFaces comes with lots of ready-made JSF components like auto-completion fields, togglers, calendars, virtual keyboards, or drop-down fieldsPrimeFaces - screenshot #2PrimeFaces - screenshot #3PrimeFaces - screenshot #4PrimeFaces - screenshot #5PrimeFaces - Other components like color pickers, WYSIWYG editors, inline editors, password verifiers, and rating widgets are also supported with PrimeFacesPrimeFaces - screenshot #7PrimeFaces - screenshot #8PrimeFaces - screenshot #9PrimeFaces - screenshot #10PrimeFaces - screenshot #11PrimeFaces - Range sliders, spinners, carousels, data grids, Google Maps, and tag clouds can also be created with PrimeFacesPrimeFaces - screenshot #13PrimeFaces - screenshot #14PrimeFaces - screenshot #15PrimeFaces - screenshot #16PrimeFaces - screenshot #17PrimeFaces - Calendar planners, pick lists, tree menus, nested tables, accordions, grid panels, and UI toolbars are also supportedPrimeFaces - screenshot #19PrimeFaces - screenshot #20PrimeFaces - screenshot #21PrimeFaces - screenshot #22PrimeFaces - screenshot #23PrimeFaces - screenshot #24PrimeFaces - PrimeFaces also includes components like tab panels, lightboxes, dialogs, wizard forms, Growl-like notifications, and chartsPrimeFaces - screenshot #26PrimeFaces - screenshot #27PrimeFaces - screenshot #28PrimeFaces - screenshot #29PrimeFaces - screenshot #30PrimeFaces - More complex widgets like slideshows, upload widgets, nav bars, form validators, and image croppers are also included with the PrimeFaces frameworkPrimeFaces - screenshot #32PrimeFaces - screenshot #33PrimeFaces - screenshot #34PrimeFaces - screenshot #35PrimeFaces - Simple breadcrumbs, reCaptcha fields, panel sections, and a block UI command can be added via PrimeFacesPrimeFaces - screenshot #37PrimeFaces - screenshot #38PrimeFaces - screenshot #39PrimeFaces - PrimeFaces supports jQuery UI themes

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