Download Source Code Primer 2.3.3

GitHub is announcing that Primer with version number 2.3.3 is already available to download.

What is Primer ?

Primer is The frontend CSS framework used for building GitHub’s interface, now available for everyone to download, edit, and branch off into new projects .

Primer is not a complete CSS framework since it only includes the basic styles and components used on the website.This means you’ll probably miss widgets like date or color pickers, but if you want an introspective on how Silicon Valley’s best code sharing service organizes and writes its frontend code, you won’t find anything better.The project is fully open sourced, which means you can fork it and play around with the code, adding the missing parts, changing what you don’t like and then launching it with your own products without any limitations.Primer can be a basic player for your future interface design operations, allowing you to start from somewhere and customize the UI along the way.Primer as a tool is actually written in SCSS, was created and maintained by the same person that created Bootstrap, is very well documented, and comes with demos and built-in components.By default, you’ll find in Primer the following widgets/components:- basic typography rules- a standard grid system- button styles- form element styles- navigation elements- alert bars- blankslate (hero containers)- avatar handlers- state indicators- tooltip componentA long with these there are also a few other utilities, used for truncating & aligning text, working with colors, muting links, adding counters, and properly using floats.So if you want to see how the “big boys” are handling their CSS, this is the best place to start with.

This is changelog for Primer version 2.3.3 :

  • Added new .centered utility class for grid columns and more
  • Removed a bunch of undocumented github/github-specific CSS
  • Updated to latest Normalize
  • Improved button states

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Primer - Primer is the frontend toolkit used for building GitHub's interfacePrimer - It comes with default components for most of its UIPrimer - This means buttons, forms, tab panels, menus, filters, and so onPrimerPrimerPrimer

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