Download Source Code PrimeUI 2.2.0

PrimeTek is announcing that PrimeUI with version number 2.2.0 is already available to download.

What is PrimeUI ?

PrimeUI is .

PrimeUI doesn’t merely wrap around jQuery UI, but it enhances it by allowing developers to work with REST and JSON for passing data to the UI widgets. This makes PrimeUI ready for usage with any server-side programming language or technology, since most of them can manage REST and JSON data with ease. PrimeUI can be the base for any future Web project, helping developer easily prototype their application’s interfaces. All original jQuery UI are supported, and a few new ones as well, along with ThemeRoller skins. PrimeUI development has spun out of the PrimeFaces JSF components library. Supported Widgets: Accordion AutoComplete Breadcrumb Button Checkbox Datatable Dialog Dropdown Fieldset Galleria Growl Inputtext Inputtextarea Lightbox Listbox Menu Menubar Menu – Context Menu – Slide Menu – Tiered Notify Paginator Panel Password Picklist ProgressBar RadioButton Rating Spinner SplitButton Sticky Tabview Terminal Tooltip Tree

This is changelog for PrimeUI version 2.2.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

PrimeUI - PrimeUI includes support for many UI widgets like accordions, auto-complete fields, breadcrumb menusPrimeUI - screenshot #2PrimeUI - PrimeUI can also be styled via jQuery UI ThemeRoller skinsPrimeUI - Button packs, checkboxes, data grids, dialog windows, drop-downs and other user interface elements are supportedPrimeUI - screenshot #5PrimeUI - screenshot #6PrimeUI - screenshot #7PrimeUI - screenshot #8PrimeUI - Other supported elements are fields, togglers, sliders, notifications, lightboxes, selection fields, and various menu types are supportedPrimeUI - screenshot #10PrimeUI - screenshot #11PrimeUI - screenshot #12PrimeUI - screenshot #13PrimeUI - screenshot #14PrimeUI - screenshot #15PrimeUI - PrimeUI also includes pagers, panels, password verifiers, selection lists, progress bars, radio buttons, and rating systemsPrimeUI - screenshot #17PrimeUI - screenshot #18PrimeUI - screenshot #19PrimeUI - screenshot #20PrimeUI - screenshot #21PrimeUI - screenshot #22PrimeUI - Spinners, tab panels, and nested tree structures are supported alsoPrimeUI - screenshot #24PrimeUI - screenshot #25

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