Download Source Code ProgressBar.js 0.9.0

Kimmo Brunfeldt is announcing that ProgressBar.js with version number 0.9.0 is already available to download.

What is ProgressBar.js ?

ProgressBar.js is A JavaScript library for creating progress indicators, working with predefined shapes or capable of using custom animation paths .

ProgressBar.js uses the power of SVG to animate a progress indicator for your Web projects.The progress indicators created by this library can follow known movement patterns like lines, circles, squares, triangles, etc., or they can be modified via SVG to follow custom, irregular paths.Since SVGs are quite malleable by nature, this indirectly grants developers lots of customization opportunities as well.They can modify the progress indicator’s weight, size and color, while also adding a percentage-based counter using the library’s built-in features.Examples and usage instructions are included with the ProgressBar.js package to show developers how it can be implemented in their own projects.

This is changelog for ProgressBar.js version 0.9.0 :

  • Fixed text centering bug in IE.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ProgressBar.js - ProgressBar.js can be used in creating radial progress indicatorsProgressBar.js - A percentage counter can be added to the progress loaders as wellProgressBar.js - ProgressBar.js can animate progress indicators using any type of shape/path

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