Download Source Code Publify 8.2.0

is announcing that Publify with version number 8.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Publify ?

Publify is A Ruby on Rails CMS and blogging platform, a powerful tool for publishing content on the Web via an easy to use, easy to customize interface .

Publify was once known once as Typo, a RoR blogging platform. Today, rebranded as Publify, this tool was updated to the most recent Ruby and Ruby on Rails versions, and additionally features an improved backend built on top of Bootstrap.Updated and upgraded, Publify is now a modern publishing platform that can be used to build both basic static sites, and full-on blogs and media centers as well.With a fast loading admin panel featuring a very well organized GUI, Publify is extremely easy to work with, also boasting an improved content editing experience, based on a full-page Markdown (or Textile) text editor.Focus is put on the writing experience, but other tools also important to both bloggers and webmasters are also included. These cover basic SEO controls, user management, comments moderation, cache management, and many other more.Overall, Publify is a spectacular tool, just the CMS you want to work with in an age where speed and ease of access matter as much as to editors and readers as does the site’s content.

This is changelog for Publify version 8.2.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Publify - Publify protects the admin panel from prying eyes via a password-protected login formPublify - On the dashboard, after every login, administrators are met with the most urgent tasksPublify - Once that taken care of, the admin can then go on and manage the rest of the sitePublify - Since the blogging feature is primordial, the biggest attention is given to the article and news managerPublify - The Publify editing experience features a Markdown-powered fullscreen editorPublify - A comments moderation feature is included with Publify as wellPublify - Tags, article types, redirects, and notes can also be managed in the backendPublify - screenshot #8Publify - screenshot #9Publify - screenshot #10Publify - Static pages can also be added and published via PublifyPublify - A multimedia file manager comes packed with every Publify instancePublify - Themes and the site's sidebar can be managed in the Publify admin panelPublify - screenshot #14Publify - Various CMS and blogging settings can be tweaked in the backend when needing a customized Publify installationPublify - screenshot #16Publify - screenshot #17Publify - screenshot #18Publify - screenshot #19Publify - User accounts can be added and managed via the Publify backendPublify - screenshot #21Publify - Various SEO tools are also included for optimizing Publify contentPublify - screenshot #23Publify - screenshot #24Publify - Quick shortcut menus are included within the Publify administration panelPublify - screenshot #26Publify - A default Publify theme is also included

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