Download Source Code Pulse CMS 4.5.1 is announcing that Pulse CMS with version number 4.5.1 is already available to download.

What is Pulse CMS ?

Pulse CMS is .

Pulse CMS is a tool designed for small websites, so that technically non-experienced users can easily manage their sites. While in most places Pulse CMS looks like regular CMSs, there are a few features that make it stand apart. The main, and the easier one to notice is the possibility for admins to define “blocks” on the website. These blocks are reusable code snippets, easy to create, edit, and place anywhere on the site. They will allow the admin to adapt the site to any of his needs, and use it for various types of websites and projects.

This is changelog for Pulse CMS version 4.5.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Pulse CMS - Pulse CMS comes with a password protected administration panelPulse CMS - Admins can easily manage multiple pages at the same timePulse CMS - Adding new content to a page requires some coding skillsPulse CMS - Blocks are reusable snippets of code which can be placed on the sitePulse CMS - Editing a block is done via a WYSIWYG editorPulse CMS - A blogging feature is included with the Pulse CMSPulse CMS - Editing blog posts is also a very user friendly experiencePulse CMS - Users can also manage image galleries as wellPulse CMS - screenshot #9Pulse CMS - Pulse CMS also comes packed with a simple to use form builderPulse CMS - A statistics module is included with the CMS, helping admins understand how their site is being suedPulse CMS - A backup utility will allow admins to save instances of their sitePulse CMS - Lots of other tweakable settings can be edited via the Pulse CMS backendPulse CMS - Each Pulse CMS comes with a standard theme to get webmasters started

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