Download Source Code Question2Answer 1.7.1

Gideon Greenspan is announcing that Question2Answer with version number 1.7.1 is already available to download.

What is Question2Answer ?

Question2Answer is A PHP script for implementing a Q&A website where users can ask and/or answer questions and receive points based on their activity .

Question2Answer includes two sections. The frontend where the main activity takes place, and a backend section where only administrators have access, where the system’s settings are configured.There’s plenty of details to change in the admin panel, starting from the website’s theme and up to the way content is displayed.Question2Answer is perfect for setting up as a customer support system, online documentation, a community-based FAQ system, and many other more use cases.To encourage user engagement, Question2Answer features an attractive interface and a points and ranking system that rewards the most active users.Overall, all features you might want are either included by default in the Question2Answer core, or are available via plugins.

This is changelog for Question2Answer version 1.7.1 :

  • Allowed CKEditor config to be overriden more easily.
  • Reinstates CKEditor smiley plugin and added an admin button to fix missing image links.
  • Fixed upvote/downvote styles (when using separate counters) in SnowFlat theme.
  • Various minor style/alignment fixes in SnowFlat theme.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Question2Answer - Admin dashboardQuestion2Answer - Plugins centerQuestion2Answer - Managing categoriesQuestion2Answer - Pages managementQuestion2Answer - Managing RSS feedsQuestion2Answer - Asking a new questionQuestion2Answer - Viewing a question and answersQuestion2Answer - Listing knowledge base questionsQuestion2Answer - Managing Q&A tagsQuestion2Answer - Listing Q&A categoriesQuestion2Answer - Listing top users

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