Download Source Code Quokka CMS 0.2.0

Pythonic Open Source Network is announcing that Quokka CMS with version number 0.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Quokka CMS ?

Quokka CMS is A fully customizable Content Management System (CMS) developed on top of Python, Flask framework, and the MongoDB database engine .

Developed on a smaller, less used framework like Flask, Quokka CMS is quite a well organized and well designed product, working following general guidelines and principles made famous by other CMSs that came before it.Quokka comes with lots of features and settings to play around with, along with a theming and plugin engine that allows developers to easily extend the site however they want to.The CMS is not for beginners or end users at all, coming with lots of deep content control options which might confuse users and lead to mistakes, crashes, or other types of problems that rise from not fully knowing the true consequences of taking various actions or making certain clicks and choices.The fact that there’s no Windows support and it uses MongoDB instead of the classic MySQL for storing data should also have let you know that the Quokka CMS is not your “idiot-proof” WordPress like CMS engine.It is also worth mentioning that Quokka can work on to of Flask’s built-in Web server, on Apache, NginX, uWSGI, or Gunicorn.

This is changelog for Quokka CMS version 0.2.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Quokka CMS - Before managing the CMS' content, admins must first loginQuokka CMS - Quokka CMS comes packed with a default Bootstrap-powered frontend themeQuokka CMS - In the backend, admins can manage pages, comments, files, content types and so onQuokka CMS - A WYSIWYG editor allows administrators to easily manage their site's contentQuokka CMS - Adding a file to the Quokka CMS file browser is also extremely intuitive and easyQuokka CMS - Quokka CMS includes support for multiple user accountsQuokka CMS - User details can easily be edited in the Quokka CMS backendQuokka CMS - User roles and permissions can be edited via the Quokka CMS admin panelQuokka CMSQuokka CMS - A file browser is embedded with the Quokka CMS backend, for easily providing access to the CMS' filesystemQuokka CMS - A data inspector is provided for debugging various CMS settings and featuresQuokka CMS - Quokka CMS settings and options can be edited via the admin panelQuokka CMSQuokka CMS - The admin's own settings can also be edited if needed

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