Download Source Code RazorEngine 3.7.2 / 4.1.6-beta1

Matthew Abbott is announcing that RazorEngine with version number 3.7.2 / 4.1.6-beta1 is already available to download.

What is RazorEngine ?

RazorEngine is A top of the line templating system built on Microsoft’s Razor, a simple programming syntax for embedding server-side code in Web pages .

RazorEngine puts some order in Microsoft’s new addition to the .NET stack, the Razor programming language.Razor is a special markup which developers can use with their ASP.NET code and mix it inside HTML pages.When the user requests a page with Razor code on it, this code is interpreted first by the server and the results of the Razor-described operations are embedded with the rest of the HMTL code.After and only after the Razor code has been compiled, the final HTML page is sent to the user.The RazorEngine is a tool that takes advantage of this Web-friendly technology introduced in ASP.NET, providing developers with a Razor-powered template engine that they can use to build more controllable Web pages.There’s support for sub-templating and dependency injection, and RazorEngine can also handle parallel template execution and template isolation.

This is changelog for RazorEngine version 3.7.2 / 4.1.6-beta1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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