Download Source Code Recurly PHP Client 2.4.3

Recurly, Inc. is announcing that Recurly PHP Client with version number 2.4.3 is already available to download.

What is Recurly PHP Client ?

Recurly PHP Client is A lightweight PHP client for the Recurly REST API, a basic Web service for implementing subscription (recurring) billing systems .

This PHP library can be used in creating one-time payment forms, recurring billing forms, subscription plans, and many other more, all powered by the Recurly API.The PHP client works in tandem with the Recurly.js JavaScript client, allowing developers to create complex financial transaction and payment forms, that handle funds directly from the user’s credit card, without going through any intermediary services.Various card types are supported, along with push notifications, system error handling, and adjacent documentation.

This is changelog for Recurly PHP Client version 2.4.3 :

  • Force cURL to validate SSL certificates.
  • Removing `balance_in_cents_invoiced` and `balance_in_cents_uninvoiced` from `Recurly_Account`. They were never added to the API.
  • Added `tax_code` to `Recurly_Plan`, `Recurly_Addon` and `Recurly_Adjustment`
  • Added invoice previews: `Recurly_Invoice::previewPendingCharges($accountCode)`

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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