Download Source Code re:dash 0.8.2-rc

EverythingMe is announcing that re:dash with version number 0.8.2-rc is already available to download.

What is re:dash ?

re:dash is .

re:dash is coded in Python and JavaScript and provides a Web-based interface for creating and running queries against a database, with support for Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Graphite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. It is basically a GUI for writing your queries and then executing them against a database engine, benefiting from a query building system, data analysis systems, and a data visualization toolkit. re:dash can work with databases containing millions of records, and provides support for saved queries, so complex operations can be reaccessed easily at any later point. Details about query execution times, the number of affected rows, and scheduling information can be managed, along with the ability to download results and fork queries into new ones that other developers can modify. As is, re:dash can be quite useful in live production environments, taking the pain out of working with a database from the command-line and using a cool dashboard instead.

This is changelog for re:dash version 0.8.2-rc :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

re:dash - re:dash is a custom dashboard for managing database queriesre:dash - re:dash allows database administrators to view queries using datagrids and chartsre:dash - Multiple queries can be saved in the re:dash dashboardre:dash - Queries can be written, forked and edited via the re:dash backend

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