Download Source Code Responsive 4.1.1

James South is announcing that Responsive with version number 4.1.1 is already available to download.

What is Responsive ?

Responsive is A bare-bones boilerplate framework that can help developers get started when working on responsive, mobile-friendly Web projects .

The “Responsive” project might need a more creative name but it surely doesn’t lack when compared to other frameworks.Actually calling “Responsive” a framework is wrong, the project being much closer to what the HTML5 Boilerplate is, a basic starter kit to help developers deploy new Web projects using a solid, standards-compliant codebase.As the name obviously hints, “Responsive” can be used for building responsive websites, which allow developers to deploy projects and sites that work the same on various devices from the same code, without requiring different sources for each presentation medium.”Responsive” comes packed with default CSS styles for most HTML elements, but also includes lots of built-in CSS & JavaScript UI components as well.The Responsive code comes with a:- grid system- basic styles for forms- basic styles for tables- basic styles for buttons- basic styles for media assets- basic styles for lists- basic styles for typographic elements- basic styles for code embeds- alert & notification component- modal windowing system- toggler component- tabbed navigation widget- image carousel componentWhilst not as complete as Foundation or Bootstrap, Responsive has an upside, being much lighter and actually more usable by most developers.This is because it targets small scale projects, projects on which most developers tend to work almost all their careers, rather than larger, Intranet-scale projects where something like the aforementioned Bootstrap and Foundation projects tend to make sense using.

This is changelog for Responsive version 4.1.1 :

  • Fixed:
  • Bug when expanding collapsible widgets on iOS Safari.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Responsive - Responsive is a powerful project boilerplate system for building "responsive" Web projectsResponsive - The framework comes with lots of built-in CSS & JavaScript componentsResponsive - There are default styles for most page elements and even lots of custom UI modulesResponsiveResponsiveResponsiveResponsive

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