Download Source Code Rome 2.1.22

Nicolas Bevacqua is announcing that Rome with version number 2.1.22 is already available to download.

What is Rome ?

Rome is A fully-customizable JavaScript date and time picker that can be deployed on any page and allow easy date & time selections from your users .

Rome is full of features, all customizable and easy to understand.The library has no external dependencies, is framework-agnostic, and comes by default with a pretty bare-bones style, but this allows it to be easily styled at any later points with the interface you want it to have.Developers can use the time and date pickers together in the same widget, or they can break them apart and use each separately.They can also customize the date and time the picker acquires via the popup, work with minimum and maximum values, and even prevent various dates from being selected.Rome also allows for a custom day to be used as the week’s first day, will automatically close the popup when a day is selected, and even work as a required field, preventing the user from moving on before selecting a date and time.Examples and in-depth usage instructions are included with the Rome standard package.

This is changelog for Rome version 2.1.22 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Rome - Rome combines date and time pickers togetherRome - If needed, the time and the date pickers can be used separate from one anotherRomeRome - Rome also allows developers to setup dates and intervals that cannot be selected

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