Download Source Code RoyalSlider 9.5.7a

is announcing that RoyalSlider with version number 9.5.7a is already available to download.

What is RoyalSlider ?

RoyalSlider is A commercial jQuery plugin for creating image slideshows, with support for text, image, and video-based content included as well .

RoyalSlider benefits from many features, making it ideal for any kind of implementation and usage scenarios.Even if developed with jQuery, support for modern technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 are included.The plugin comes with lots of examples (slider templates) out of the box and is also customizable via CSS-based themes.Developers that opt to buy RoyalSlider can download the all-out ZIP archive, or they can create a customized build via the author’s website later on.Keeping up with the modern times RoyalSlider is also fully-responsive and additionally support touch-based interactions, allowing developers to use it with the mobile version of their site if ever needed.Lots of parameters are available, parameters which can be tweaked on a per-slider basis and help developers deploy the slider they want/need for each project and Web page.All are very well documented and support is also provided after the purchase.

This is changelog for RoyalSlider version 9.5.7a :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

RoyalSlider - Image slideshow with thumbnails and fullscreen buttonRoyalSlider - HTML content sliderRoyalSlider - Video galleryRoyalSlider - Keyboard shortcuts, pagination and support for animated blocksRoyalSlider - Gallery shown inside a modal lightboxRoyalSlider - Slideshow in vertical mode

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