Download Source Code $script.js 2.5.8

is announcing that $script.js with version number 2.5.8 is already available to download.

What is $script.js ?

$script.js is A lightweight JavaScript resource loader and dependency manager, loading JS scripts in parallel without blocking the page in the process .

By default, loading JavaScript files is done one file at a time, using a classic load queue mechanism.$script.js allows developers to query and load JS scripts and resources from any location, while also loading dependencies at the same time, in the correct order.This is done in parallel, asynchronously, without blocking CSS, images and other resources from loading on the page.This means you can easily deploy $script.js to improve page speed, while also providing yourself with a better, easier to control method for loading large JS structures on a page.The library’s main features are its small size, very deep browser support and its well-tested and benchmarked code.$script.js works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments. Ender support is also included.

This is changelog for $script.js version 2.5.8 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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