Download Source Code Scrollback 1.0.0

Askabt Pte. Ltd. is announcing that Scrollback with version number 1.0.0 is already available to download.

What is Scrollback ?

Scrollback is A text-based chat system that can be embedded on any website and be used for public discussions, technical support, and getting in contact with the site owner .

Scrollback is an ideal Node app that you can use and keep in touch with your clients/community using your main site as a landing page.The chat script works via an embeddable chat window that popups out of the corner of your page and lets users talk to each other (or to you) via simple raw text messages.Users will be able to see and search previous conversations via Scrollback’s archiving feature and they’ll also be able to browse a list of other users connected to the current chat room.They’ll be able to login with a permanent name via Facebook or a Mozilla Persona ID, and they’ll also be able to share chat messages via Twitter.Scrollback also features a Twitter-like mentioning system, meaning you can address messages just to specific persons and they’ll (optionally) get an email notification when this happens.Tweets and IRC channels can also be brought into the chat room as well, bridging Scrollback, Twitter and IRC support/conversations.The chat window supports multiple chat rooms at the same time and if the small box is annoying you can also minify it to a small bar.If you have an opposite sentiment and think the chat window is too small, they you can also make the entire chatting application open in its own standalone browser tab.

This is changelog for Scrollback version 1.0.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Scrollback - Scrollback is an on-screen chat popup windowScrollback - The Scrollback allows users to talk to each other and even tweet their messagesScrollback - The Scrollback chat window can be minified at any timeScrollback - Recent messages will appear overlaid on the minified barScrollback - Site visitors can also browse a list of current users connected to the chatScrollback - Users can also browse a list of conversations (chat rooms)Scrollback - The Scrollback chat rooms can also be accessed on a separate full page

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