Download Source Code Sequel 4.23.0

Jeremy Evans is announcing that Sequel with version number 4.23.0 is already available to download.

What is Sequel ?

Sequel is A powerful database access toolkit for Ruby, allowing developers to easily run SQL operations and retrieve the results when available .

Sequel is much more than an ORM. It’s a complete solution for interacting with databases from Ruby, managing and interfacing with the entire database, not just its data.Developers can use the IRB console or Sequel’s own DSL to quickly assemble databases, manage schemas, build SQL queries, run transactions, fetch results, and convert the results to a Ruby malleable format.It works like an abstraction layer between Ruby and SQL, helping developers with Ruby skills, but with lesser SQL knowledge.Supported databases and tools:ADOAmalgaliteCUBRIDDataObjectsDB2DBIFirebirdIBM_DBInformixJDBCMySQLMysql2ODBCOpenBaseOraclePostgreSQLSQLAnywhereSQLite3SwiftTinyTDS

This is changelog for Sequel version 4.23.0 :

  • Make dataset.call_sproc(:insert) work in the jdbc adapter
  • Add update_refresh plugin, for refreshing a model instance when updating
  • Add delay_add_association plugin, for delaying add_* method calls on new objects until after saving the object
  • Add validate_associated plugin, for validating associated objects when validating the current object

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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