Download Source Code ShieldUI for JavaScript 1.7.13

Dave Johnson is announcing that ShieldUI for JavaScript with version number 1.7.13 is already available to download.

What is ShieldUI for JavaScript ?

ShieldUI for JavaScript is A charting framework for JavaScript and HTML 5 developers, offering tools for easy statistical data representation via charts, graphs, barcodes and QR codes .

Created on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework, ShieldUI is a collection of UI components for easily creating and embedding charts on a Web page.ShieldUI comes with support for a wide set of chart types out of the box, and allows in-depth customizations to the supported types.From the axis, to legend fields, used colors and overall themes, ShieldUI components can easily be styled to whatever a Web designer might want, mainly via CSS, and also via simple JS settings.For now the central element of ShieldUI is its charting component, but expect new components with next ShieldUI releases.Along with the ShieldUI free trial and commercial packages, an API and lots of online examples and documentation is also provided.ShieldUI is also available for:ASP.NETASP.NET MVCJava – Apache Wicket

This is changelog for ShieldUI for JavaScript version 1.7.13 :

  • CSS – Combining core and theme css files into one, located in the theme directory. The core css file is no longer required.
  • Added Slider widget
  • Added ColorPicker widget
  • Fixed various Grid virtualization bugs

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ShieldUI for JavaScript - ShieldUI can be used in creating normal area charts (Light theme here)ShieldUI for JavaScript - Line charts are also supported with ShieldUI (Bootstrap theme here)ShieldUI for JavaScript - Bar charts can be drawn via ShieldUI as well (Dark theme here)ShieldUI for JavaScript - Scatter plot charts can be rendered via the ShieldUI framework as wellShieldUI for JavaScript - Developers can easily assemble bubble charts also with ShieldUIShieldUI for JavaScript - ShieldUI can be used to create donut or pie charts in a similar fashionShieldUI for JavaScript - The unique step line chart is also supported with ShieldUIShieldUI for JavaScript - Step area charts can be created via the ShieldUI framework as wellShieldUI for JavaScript - ShieldUI can be used to draw the classic radar chart, also known as a polar graphShieldUI for JavaScript - Small, embeddable sparkline graphs are also supportedShieldUI for JavaScript - If you ever need to generate barcodes on the Web, ShieldUI is for youShieldUI for JavaScript - QR Codes are also supported with the framework

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