Download Source Code Simple Machines Forum 2.0.11 / 1.1.19 / 2.1 beta1

The Simple Machines is announcing that Simple Machines Forum with version number 2.0.11 / 1.1.19 / 2.1 beta1 is already available to download.

What is Simple Machines Forum ?

Simple Machines Forum is .

Simple Machines Forum is a long standing forum script written in the popular PHP language which uses a MySQL database to store its content. Simple Machines Forum, commonly also referred as SMF, is designed to provide all the features needed for a bulletin board while having an absolute minimal impact on the server resources. It includes many custom templates for a personal and professional design of the message boards, and many extensions to customize its feature set. The forum also comes with support for many many more other features, putting it on the same level as well known forums scripts as phpBB and Vanilla Forum. To help developers set it up, SMF comes with an installation wizard and admin panel, along with multi-user account support, l10n, and lots of moderation features. All in all, Simple Machines Forum is not only a well coded tool, but also a very stable forum package that you can use without having to worry about community support, an unattended codebase, or the lack of extensions and themes.

This is changelog for Simple Machines Forum version 2.0.11 / 1.1.19 / 2.1 beta1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Simple Machines Forum - Graphic installerSimple Machines Forum - Admin dashboardSimple Machines Forum - Package managerSimple Machines Forum - Core feature configurationSimple Machines Forum - General features and optionsSimple Machines Forum - Managing server settingsSimple Machines Forum - Themes and layout settingsSimple Machines Forum - Language managerSimple Machines Forum - Security and moderation settingsSimple Machines Forum - Adding a new forum boardSimple Machines Forum - Managing boards and categoriesSimple Machines Forum - Post settingsSimple Machines Forum - Search settingsSimple Machines Forum - Smileys and message icon setsSimple Machines Forum - Attachment and avatar settingsSimple Machines Forum - Managing forum usersSimple Machines Forum - Managing groupsSimple Machines Forum - User permission settingsSimple Machines Forum - Ban listSimple Machines Forum - Forum maintenance settingsSimple Machines Forum - Forum logsSimple Machines Forum - Moderation settingsSimple Machines Forum - User profile pageSimple Machines Forum - User's inboxSimple Machines Forum - Advanced search screenSimple Machines Forum - Forum main pageSimple Machines Forum - Adding a topicSimple Machines Forum - Listing forum topics/threadsSimple Machines Forum - Viewing a topicSimple Machines Forum - Forum statistics page

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