Download Source Code Sitelok 4.5

Vibralogix is announcing that Sitelok with version number 4.5 is already available to download.

What is Sitelok ?

Sitelok is A PHP and MySQL script that allows webmasters to manage a site’s userbase, with full control over individual or group access rights .

Using Web development industry terms, Sitelok is membership manager, a script that allows a webmaster to control and oversee a site’s users, editing their profile details, organizing them in groups, fine-tuning access rights and setting up authentication policies.Sitelok can be used to separate users, keeping track of simple user accounts and paying customers.The system is especially useful for commercial sites where users need to have different permissions and roles based on their subscription plans.Sitelok includes all the necessary frontend forms for letting users register and login, but additionally comes with a backend area for both the normal users and Sitelok’s admin.A video presentation of all Sitelok features can also be viewed below.

This is changelog for Sitelok version 4.5 :

  • New contact form designer. Now your site contact / enquiry form can match your Sitelok forms.
  • Improved import user features.
  • Updated ready for our upcoming Stripe payment plugin.
  • New function calls similar to sl_ismemberof() but designed to handle multiple groups.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Sitelok - Sitelok comes with a password-protected user administration areaSitelok - The Sitelok control panel allows admins to manage the site's userbaseSitelok - For each user various settings can be edited and tweakedSitelok - Individual emails can be sent to each user, or group emails if neededSitelok - For each user, an activity log is keptSitelok - Users can easily be exported or imported in the Sitelok systemSitelok - Users can be organized in one or more user groupsSitelok - For each user group admins can configure various detailsSitelok - Logging details can be edited in the Sitelok admin panelSitelok - Sitelok can be extended via plugins if neededSitelok - A slew of settings can be tweaked via the Sitelok backendSitelok - Backups can be created and restored when crashes or bugs appear

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