Download Source Code Spark 2.3

Per Wendel is announcing that Spark with version number 2.3 is already available to download.

What is Spark ?

Spark is A Java framework that focuses on Web development, speed, and extensibility, modeled after the highly successful Sinatra framework for Ruby .

Spark tries to be the Sinatra alternative in Java, providing a lightweight toolkit that developers can use when developing small to medium Web applications.It was specifically coded to work with Java 8 and focuses on Web development alone, implementing all the basic utilities needed in this domain.This means no complex XML setup routines, minimal usage of annotations, a built-in server, a routing engine, and a basic session manager.On top of this, there’s also a template engine, a view manager, and the all-needed documentation.Spark doesn’t directly compete for developers with Sinatra, since Sinatra already has a few good years of development behind it, but merely provides a similar alternative for programmers needing to work strictly in Java.

This is changelog for Spark version 2.3 :

  • Added Request.bodyAsBytes() (get the body as bytes without having to convert it to String)
  • Moved route error info to log (from 404 page)
  • Replaced all System.out/System.err with slf4j logging
  • body() is now available even if “consumed” by previous filter/route (this also solves some query map related problems)

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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