Download Source Code Sudoku Solver 0.4.4

Jonas Ohlsson is announcing that Sudoku Solver with version number 0.4.4 is already available to download.

What is Sudoku Solver ?

Sudoku Solver is A free Web-based widget that will help you solve Sudoku game boards, either one small step at a time or in one quick fell swoop .

Sudoku Solver is based on the SudokuJS library and is a visual interface for solving those pesky, complicated, yet immensely popular and addictive Sudoku games.At page load, the widget shows a Sudoku board. The user can either play the game outright and request hints along the way, or he can opt to wipe the board clean and enter his own custom Sudoku board setup.The library comes with an error detection system included, immediately letting the user know when he made a mistake solving the game and a pretty neat “Analyze” function that shows input alternatives for each board box.Users that give up on the game can solve the board one step at a time, or they can opt to just show the board and its numbers in one click and get it over with.This is the perfect tool for you if you’re addicted to these kind of game and can’t solve the complex boards.

This is changelog for Sudoku Solver version 0.4.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Sudoku Solver - Sudoku Solver provides game addicts with a way to quickly solve complex boardsSudoku Solver - An "Analyze" function is included for helping them view possibilities visuallySudoku Solver - The board can be solved one step at a time ...Sudoku Solver - ... or all in one single stepSudoku Solver - The Sudoku board can also be cleared at any timeSudoku Solver - Users can also create their custom Sudoku boards and solve them tooSudoku Solver - Errors are detected and the user is alerted with SudokuJS

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