Download Source Code Svidget.js 0.3.4

Joe Agster is announcing that with version number 0.3.4 is already available to download.

What is ?

is Create SVG widgets and display them online, may them be charts, graphics, maps, static objects, animations, and various other types of data visualizations .

Svidget.js is a framework that exposes SVG objects as simple widgets that can be embedded in HTML5 pages.This means SVG graphics are loaded on a page using an <object> tag, with easy to access parameters that control various facets of the SVG code.Developers can easily modify these parameters in the object tag, and when the page loads, the SVG file loaded through it will automatically take them as values adjusting the SVG code accordingly.All widgets and graphics created by Svidget.js are fully-interactive, can be animated with ease, and can take up any form the developers wants them to (if of course it can be reproduced via SVG code).Svidget.js is compatible with SVG data visualizations toolkits like D3.js, Snap.svg, and svg.js, allowing developers to pack them in components and embed them on any HTML5 page.For non-HTML5 browsers, instead of the object code, the SVG file’s code is loaded instead.

This is changelog for version 0.3.4 :

  • Fixed param name/shortname for query string so that name or shortname can be used to specify value
  • data-crossdomain and data-connected can be left blank (i.e. <object data-crossdomain />) and will default to true
  • Fixed number conversion, NaN now converts to 0 (when specifying coercion vis coerce=”true” in param)

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Svidget.js - Svidget.js can be used in easily presenting data visualizationsSvidget.js - Normal widgets that use SVG graphics can also be built with the Svidget.js toolkit

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