Download Source Code TextboxList (jQuery) 0.4v2

Guillermo Rauch is announcing that TextboxList (jQuery) with version number 0.4v2 is already available to download.

What is TextboxList (jQuery) ?

TextboxList (jQuery) is .

TextboxList works by taking over normal text input fields and enriching the default text entry user experience. This is done by first adding auto-complete support, helping users easily enter common words by typing the first few characters and then selecting one of the provided options. If the desired option is not available in the dropdown list, users can then type the whole thing, and add it as a tag using the comma or Enter keys. Once added as a tag, the word is encircled in a special pill with a close button at the end. Clicking the close button will help you remove it from the tags collection. Support is included for custom styles, binary search, demo server-side files, and lots of other customizable parameters. The TextboxList plugin is also available for jQuery and Prototype.

This is changelog for TextboxList (jQuery) version 0.4v2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

TextboxList (jQuery) - TextboxList provides auto-completion features for the jQuery frameworkTextboxList (jQuery) - The plugin can also be used for adding tags using the comma characterTextboxList (jQuery) - Adding tags can also be done using the Enter key

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