Download Source Code TYPO3 7.6.1

TYPO3 Association is announcing that TYPO3 with version number 7.6.1 is already available to download.

What is TYPO3 ?

TYPO3 is .

TYPO3 started out as a small CMS, developed into a powerful, enterprise-ready solution, and has now evolved into a fully-blown, versatile CMF for building almost any kind of Web project. What was once a system resembling Elefant CMS, Anchor CMS or PyroCMS is now a top-shelf solution in the world of Web development, a powerful system that can adapt to any project, work from any hosting, and scale along with your business. Designed with standards in mind, supporting all the new technologies, and also catering for mobile devices, TYPO3 has stayed up to date with the world around it. There’s an installation wizard to help webmasters set it up, an administration panel for building and then managing the site, and a simple WYSIWYG editing mechanism for actually writing and editing all the page’s content. While most features you find in CMS platforms are in TYPO3 as well, the real advantages of using it are in its extensions framework, a powerful system that lets developers enhance built-in functionality. This can be done by writing extensions yourself following the TYPO3 API, or by simply buying them from an extensions marketplace. All in all, TYPO3 is what all CMS developers aspire their platform to be, a truly versatile product that adapts to any thing you and your users might throw at it. Built on top of TYPO3 Flow, the fantastic PHP MVC framework, TYPO3 also has a newer branch, with even more modern features, a project called TYPO3 Neos, a total re-imagination of the current CMF.

This is changelog for TYPO3 version 7.6.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

TYPO3 - Editing content is extremely easy via the TYPO3 admin panelTYPO3 - Images, text, and page widgets can be modifiedTYPO3 - A form editing engine is also included with TYPO3TYPO3 - For installing the CMS, a simple wizard is includedTYPO3 - The TYPO3 backend panel is password protected

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