Download Source Code uCSS 0.4.7-beta

Opera Software is announcing that uCSS with version number 0.4.7-beta is already available to download.

What is uCSS ?

uCSS is A JavaScript Node.js library for finding unused CSS rules inside their HTML files, helping developers optimize and clean out their stylesheets .

uCSS was developed by the same team that developed the Opera Internet browser and works from the Node.js CLI.Just point uCSS towards an HTML file and a CSS file, and it will detect which CSS rules are actually used inside the HTML file, giving a short overview at the end of all unused CSS selectors.Additionally uCSS can also find duplicate CSS selectors, and count how many times a rule has been used.All while crawling the page and following embedded links from the same domain, and also showing extra information about redirects, dead links, and server responses.Support is also included for a uCSS configuration file, this letting the developers search for unused CSS files behind login systems, inside subfolders, by excluding “certain” pages, and even setting a list of CSS rules to be ignored from the report.Overall the uCSS utility can prove pretty helpful, especially for developers working on large scale projects where the sheer number of pages and CSS files can overwhelm programmers and produce large quantities of duplicate or unused CSS code.

This is changelog for uCSS version 0.4.7-beta :

  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Bug where crawler reached maximum call stack size on large sites.
  • Links pointing to URLs with other protocols than HTTP(S) are not followed.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

uCSS - uCSS helps developers find unused CSS code inside their HTML files

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