Download Source Code UglifyJS 2.4.24

Mihai Bazon is announcing that UglifyJS with version number 2.4.24 is already available to download.

What is UglifyJS ?

UglifyJS is A JavaScript source code compressor, code parser, source beautifier, function mangler, scope analyzer, tree walker, and AST transformer .

UglifyJS is one of the best tools to improve the performance of your JavaScript code and preparing it for production environments.Initially developed for Node.js, UglifyJS now works on any JavaScript platform, also supporting the CommonJS module system.The UglifyJS toolkit was mainly created for source code minification, achieving this with great results while also leaving the semantics of the code intact in most cases.Along the way, the project has added lots of new features, amongst them the ability to parse, analyze, and transform the AST of a block of JS code.This gives the developers lots of tweakable options in the UglifyJS engine, allowing him a fine tune control over how the source code is compressed or how compressed source is beatified at later points.Since its launch, the project has gained a big following in the JavaScript community and has been used in many other JS (Node.js especially) projects.

This is changelog for UglifyJS version 2.4.24 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

UglifyJS - UglifyJS can be used to compress normal JavaScript code

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