Download Source Code UIkit 2.22.0

YOOtheme is announcing that UIkit with version number 2.22.0 is already available to download.

What is UIkit ?

UIkit is A professional, top of the line front-end UI framework created to help developers prototype and assemble beautiful user interfaces .

UIkit is a complex UI framework developed using LESS and on top of the jQuery framework.It was created to help developers quickly assemble a user interface for their applications, without having to write the code for every widget time and time again.As with any UI framework these days, support for responsive layouts is included, so you can rest assured your application or website will render properly on mobile devices as well.Also, because of UIkit’s modular structure, developers can simply choose which components and add-ons to use, without having to manually delete the CSS and JS code from the framework every time. Just unload the module and that’s it.Lots of examples and documentation is included, so you can easily get started with your projects right away.The UIkit Team is mainly made up by YOOthemes developers, so you can rest assured this is a tool built by professionals (for professionals).

This is changelog for UIkit version 2.22.0 :

  • Added uk-active class to form-select component
  • Added uk-flex-nowrap class to flex component
  • Added uk-icon-justify class to icon component
  • Added kenburnsanimations option to slideshow component

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

UIkit - UIkit comes packed with a simple to use menu and navigation componentUIkit - Horizontal, complex, classic navigation bars / menus can also be built with UIkitUIkit - Various pagination controls are available with UIkitUIkit - Tab bars can also be created with UIkitUIkit - UIkit can be used to build comment sections with easeUIkit - UIkit includes basic, interactive styles for table elements and tabular dataUIkit - Basic styles are included for default form elementsUIkit - Various buttons at various sizes can be created with UIkitUIkit - An icons component is included with UIkit (via the Font Awesome icon fontUIkit - Labels and badges can be added via the UIkit frontend frameworkUIkit - Alerts and notifications bars can be displayed via the UIkit frameworkUIkit - UIkit also ships with a powerful progress bar indicatorUIkit - A drop-down component is included with UIkitUIkit - A modal windowing system is packaged with the UIkit frameworkUIkit - Drag&drop support is included with UIkitUIkit - A Markdown-powered WYSIWYG add-on is available for formatting textUIkit - UIkit ships with a simple to use date and time picker add-on as well

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