Download Source Code Vanilla Forum 2.1.12

is announcing that Vanilla Forum with version number 2.1.12 is already available to download.

What is Vanilla Forum ?

Vanilla Forum is An open-source and fully extensible discussion forum system, which can work as a stand-alone or embedded with other technologies .

Vanilla Forum is a powerful community publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make the experience and the community experience easy and as pleasant and appealing as possible.During the last few years, the Vanilla Forum has been widely adopted, seeing more intense development and adoption, even surpassing previous community favorite phpBB.The system is very loved and has seen usage as a support forum, mainly to its simplified topic display, a recognizable feature, distinct and present only to the Vanilla Forum.Along with this new found glory, the number of themes and plugins has also grown, providing webmasters with lots of tools to customize and adapt Vanilla to their own needs.

This is changelog for Vanilla Forum version 2.1.12 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Vanilla Forum - Installation screenVanilla Forum - Admin dashboardVanilla Forum - Banner settingsVanilla Forum - Theme managementVanilla Forum - Adding a forum-wide user messageVanilla Forum - Adding an usernameVanilla Forum - Listing users and the site-wide warning messageVanilla Forum - Roles and permissionsVanilla Forum - Controlling authentication messageVanilla Forum - Registration settingsVanilla Forum - Adding a forum categoryVanilla Forum - Listing categoriesVanilla Forum - Spam controlVanilla Forum - Advanced forum settingsVanilla Forum - Plugin managementVanilla Forum - Applications managementVanilla Forum - Locales managementVanilla Forum - Outgoing email settingsVanilla Forum - Forum routesVanilla Forum - Editing a routeVanilla Forum - Import settings pageVanilla Forum - Showing the forum topicsVanilla Forum - Showing a topicVanilla Forum - Recent activityVanilla Forum - Starting a private conversation with an userVanilla Forum - Viewing the user inboxVanilla Forum - User profile (frontend)Vanilla Forum - Changing the avatarVanilla Forum - Editing the avatarVanilla Forum - Editing account detailsVanilla Forum - Changing the passwordVanilla Forum - Account preferencesVanilla Forum - WYSIWYG editor (activated through a plugin)

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