Download Source Code vBulletin 5.1.9 / 4.2.2

Jelsoft Enterprises Limited is announcing that vBulletin with version number 5.1.9 / 4.2.2 is already available to download.

What is vBulletin ?

vBulletin is A powerful community solution that makes it easy to add a forum or even a complete CMS solution .

This forum platform is an effective way of keeping visitors coming back or providing support for customers.With the new vBulletin Publishing Suite, webmasters can now even manage complete websites, not only discussion boards.

This is changelog for vBulletin version 5.1.9 / 4.2.2 :

  • Indicator in which topics user has posted [VBV-4849]: Topics will now show a green check mark on the status indicator for users that have posted in the topic.
  • Front End Interface for HTML State [VBV-7616]: For those users with permission to post HTML directly, they can now choose whether that permission is applied on each post that they make. This should give greater control over creating content on your sites.
  • Change Style & Templates navigation block to Styles & Themes [VBV-14530]: To correspond with changes in the functionality of the Style and Templates area for Cloud customers, the terminology has been updated. This is only a phrasing change and does not affect any functionality on Cloud or Standard licenses.
  • Send notification to end user on content quote [VBV-3889]: Users should now get a notification when their posts are quoted within a topic.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

vBulletin - Protected admin panelvBulletin - Admin dashboardvBulletin - General vBulletin boardvBulletin - CMS page managervBulletin - Blog management toolsvBulletin - Ads managervBulletin - Theme managervBulletin - Language managervBulletin - FAQ managervBulletin - Notices managervBulletin - Announcements managervBulletin - Forum optionsvBulletin - Forum permissionsvBulletin - Calendar toolvBulletin - Threads managementvBulletin - Attachment optionsvBulletin - User detailsvBulletin - User groupsvBulletin - User infractions managementvBulletin - Adding and managing user fieldsvBulletin - User reputation managervBulletin - User title optionsvBulletin - Tags managervBulletin - Post iconsvBulletin - Smileys centralvBulletin - Managing BBCodesvBulletin - Statistics centervBulletin - vBulletin maintenance settingsvBulletin - Sitemap generationvBulletin - vBulletin main pagevBulletin - vBulletin blogvBulletin - User profile pagevBulletin - Editing a profilevBulletin - Forum main pagevBulletin - Adding a replyvBulletin - Viewing a forum thread

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