Download Source Code Vivus.js 0.2.2

Maxwellito is announcing that Vivus.js with version number 0.2.2 is already available to download.

What is Vivus.js ?

Vivus.js is A JavaScript library for animating SVG graphics, slowly plotting their outlines and revealing the image using multiple delays and effects .

Vivus.js takes the paths found inside a SVG image and allows the developer to slowly reveal them when the page loads.The reveal animations used for the SVG image can be of multiple types. Each path can be delayed with a custom time value, all animations can be played in sync (starting and ending at the same time), or the paths can be plotted out one after the other.Besides the plotting method, developers can also adjust the time needed to play such an animation, just in case they need it to render out more slowly or faster.Vivus also lets developers group various SVG items together, and then playing back these groups one after the other, each with its own different set of settings.The library is perfect for showing simple animations on a Web page, allowing the developer to do this via SVGs instead of bulky animated GIFs.The best results are achieved with SVG line art, Vivus.js working perfectly with line icons and line art.Examples and usage instructions are included with the Vivus download package.

This is changelog for Vivus.js version 0.2.2 :

  • Bug fixes:
  • IE 11 & 12 detection
  • inViewport bug with Object tags

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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