Download Source Code Vtiger CRM 6.3.0

crouchingtiger is announcing that Vtiger CRM with version number 6.3.0 is already available to download.

What is Vtiger CRM ?

Vtiger CRM is An enterprise-ready, Web-based, fully-customizable, open source and very secure customer relationship management (CRM) software stack .

The Vtiger CRM can be considered the “top dog” when it comes to free CRM solutions.Benefiting from a huge array of professional features, Vtiger is ideal for managing a company’s entire activity online.Vtiger allows business owners to move their employee’s activity online by creating user profiles, user groups and departments, where various activities can take place without having to deal with countless of physical files and papers.Everything is managed online, or inside an Intranet or local network if you don’t have to give access to users in more than one geographical location.Vtiger can manage everything from the salesforce, to marketing departments and even up to production sites.The Vtiger CRM is extremely versatile and with the help of third-party modules can be customized even more than what the default package brings.All in all, a very solid system in case custom business management solutions are too expensive to afford your very own CRM.

This is changelog for Vtiger CRM version 6.3.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Vtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM provides an easy installation wizard to help users set it upVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM admin panel is password protectedVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM backend is easy customizable and can be modified at willVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Vtiger CRM includes a fully working calendar (agenda, organizer) sectionVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Lots of leads management options are included with VtigerVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Organizations details can be easily managed in the Vtiger CRM backendVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - There's a special area in Vtiger for managing business contactsVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM includes a special dashboard dedicated to business opportunities managementVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - A powerful product catalog manager is included with the Vtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - An assets and documents manager is included for sharing data between usersVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - A ticketing center will help admins deal with client problemsVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Marketing and business campaigns can be managed via VtigerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Vtiger CRM includes a powerful quotes management utilityVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - An invoice manager also ships with VtigerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Sales orders can be managed by Vtiger admins as wellVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Administrators can build custom reports for an in-depth look at their companyVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - For the available products, Vtiger can create specialized FAQ sectionsVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - As with any modern day CRM, Vtiger includes its own project managerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - For each project, a task list manager is included alsoVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Project assets can also be managedVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM allows admins to manage their company's service contracts alsoVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - If the company offers services instead of products, Vtiger can adapt perfectlyVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM comes with a powerful price book managerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Product vendors are managed separately inside VtigerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Purchase orders are managed independently in the Vtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - Email campaigns and email templates can be edited if desired soVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - External email services can be imported in the Vtiger CRM dashboardVtiger CRM - An SMS notifications center is also includedVtiger CRM - The settings panel is where various settings can be change in VtigerVtiger CRM - Vtiger CRM is a multi-user systemVtiger CRM - User roles can be added to the Vtiger CRM userbaseVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM can also be easily extended via modulesVtiger CRM - A backend menu editor is also available with VtigerVtiger CRMVtiger CRM - The Vtiger CRM user can also be in control of his own profile settings

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