Download Source Code Waveform Playlist 0.3.0

Naomi Aro is announcing that Waveform Playlist with version number 0.3.0 is already available to download.

What is Waveform Playlist ?

Waveform Playlist is Play, edit, and organize songs into playlists with this Web-based music player and editor, inspired by Audacity and built around the Web Audio API .

Waveform Playlist is a Web-based utility for organizing music sets, playing songs via the browser, and adding fade effects between tracks.It can be used to organize large playlists together, which can be used in live professional shows, or just for personal and private use when listening to your favorite songs.Everything in the project is handled via JavaScript, and sound playback is managed via the new Web Audio API.Basic track editing controls are also included, but every feature contained with the Waveform Playlist can be turned on or off based on the player/editor needed for each project.A sound waveform visualizer is included with the project as well, helping users visualize select portions of their songs they want to trim and isolate, or from where to apply special effects and cues on their tracks.A set of fully-working demos is included with the Waveform Playlist package.

This is changelog for Waveform Playlist version 0.3.0 :

  • Seeking on playback enabled.
  • App contained in single global WaveformPlaylist

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Waveform Playlist - Waveform Playlist lets users play multiple songs at once, work with cue points, add fades, and visualize waveforms

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