Download Source Code Webix 3.0

XB Software Ltd. is announcing that Webix with version number 3.0 is already available to download.

What is Webix ?

Webix is A powerful UI widgets library created to help developers prototype their applications and deploy a basic user interface within minutes .

Combining HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, Webix provides a large collection of rich UI widgets that can be used when building complex user interfaces or whenever you need a quick solution to get the UI part of your project of the ground and ready for testing.Webix also includes support for mobile devices, so you’re not only limited to desktop environments only.Regardless of project, Webix is also server-side independent, allowing developers to easily work with their favorite programming language in the backend and wiring Webix in without any problem for the frontend.Webix is easy to use, comes with plenty of documentation and comes in two licensing models, for non-commercial and commercial usage scenarios.

This is changelog for Webix version 3.0 :

  • Webix Jet – framework that works
  • Visual designer – drag it and drop it
  • Infinity Sub-Views in Grid to improve your user experience
  • Import and Export

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Webix - Webix includes a layout and panel management utilityWebix - A tab panel widget is included with WebixWebix - A buttons manager is included with the Webix UI frameworkWebix - Toolbars and stylized control bars can be built with WebixWebix - Webix also supports right-click context menusWebix - Navigational menus can also be built with WebixWebix - List displays can be shown in various formatsWebix - Filterable fields are also supportedWebix - A charting component is included with the Webix frameworkWebix - Support for modals and popups is built in with WebixWebix - A time and date picker component also ships with WebixWebix - Webix supports a client-side form validation systemWebix - A datagrid component is also included with WebixWebix - Support for appending icons to various components is also includedWebix - Webix also includes a carousel widgetWebix - A datagrid component is included with the Webix coreWebix - A file upload system is also packed with the Webix UI frameworkWebix - Webix supports pagination for large data collectionsWebix - A color picker is also included with the Webix coreWebix - Drag and drop actions are supported with the Webix framework

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