Download Source Code WebUI Popover 1.1.6

Sandy Duan is announcing that WebUI Popover with version number 1.1.6 is already available to download.

What is WebUI Popover ?

WebUI Popover is A popover UI component for the jQuery framework, inspired by the popover component found with the Bootstrap frontend UI framework .

WebUI Popover is for showing popovers, UI elements that are practically like tooltips, but enhanced with extra features like the ability to show a header (title), show a close button, trigger on click or hover, support custom positioning, auto-adapt to the available free space, and many other more.The element has been slowly adopted by the design community thanks to its superior configuration and display options over the classic tooltip element, but also because popovers can show much more than text, including content like iframes, forms, images, lists, tables, etc., feature also supported by WebUI Popover.WebUI Popover works with or without Bootstrap loaded on the current page.A series of demos are included with the WebUI Popover standard package.

This is changelog for WebUI Popover version 1.1.6 :

  • Fixed bower.json format.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

WebUI Popover - WebUI Popover allows developers to show popover (enhanced tooltips) next to various page elementsWebUI Popover - The WebUI Popover component is fully skinnable and various popover elements can be turned on or offWebUI Popover - Inside the popover any type of content can be shown, from tables, to iframes, forms, and images

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