Download Source Code Widgy 0.7.3

is announcing that Widgy with version number 0.7.3 is already available to download.

What is Widgy ?

Widgy is A content management system built for Python and Django websites, featuring an unique way of editing and arranging content on a page .

Widgy is not actually a full-blown CMS, but a “concept” in managing content.It works on top of Mezzanine, a classic CMS for Django, altering the way editors utilize the CMS, replacing WYSIWYG editors with a widget-based drag and drop interface.Widgy uses the concept of “widgets” to let Django know where to display content on a page, and also allows users to customize each widget individually, allowing them to create unique websites based on their own project requirements.Most of the other CMS features are borrowed and powered by Mezzanine, with Widgy solely in control of just “content editing & rendering” operations.Widgy can be used to build pages and forms alike, all using the same basic principle of drag and drop widgets.A review queue, file manager, and basic page management operations are also supported, making Widgy usable in production environments even if it has not reached a 1.x stable tag yet.

This is changelog for Widgy version 0.7.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Widgy - Widgy is a CMS built on top of Python and Django technologiesWidgy - It features a simple and easy to use drag and drop interfaceWidgy - Adding new pages is a simple experience using the user-friendly Widgy backendWidgy - Pages can be built with the help of Widgy CMS entities called "widgets"Widgy - An unlimited number of widgets can be added to any pageWidgy - Widgy also comes with a form management utilityWidgy - For each form, Widgy will record and track the submitted dataWidgy - Admins can also moderate content submitted by other usersWidgy - A file management utility is included with Widgy as wellWidgy - The frontend of a Widgy site is 100% built using widgets

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