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Wolf CMS Team is announcing that Wolf CMS with version number is already available to download.

What is Wolf CMS ?

Wolf CMS is A simple PHP-based content management system, developed to help users easily build websites without having to hire specialized companies .

This project started as a fork of the Frog CMS but has evolved into a complex CMS, a totally separate and professional product on its own.Right now, Wolf CMS is a way better finished product than the original, a modern, secure, and easy to use CMS that fits right in with the present times in Web development.Webmasters can easily install the CMS, add new pages, write content via a friendly WYSIWYG editor, upload files, install plugins, themes and tweak layouts on a per-page basis.All in all, the complete set of basic features for performing simple or complex modifications to a page, without having to delve in the source code to do so.Wolf CMS is currently tailored to serve small to medium projects, and is an ideal solution for situations where bulky CMSs do nothing more than slow down page loads rather than providing a simple content management tool.For more large projects, please refer to our CMS section for more advanced systems.

This is changelog for Wolf CMS version :

  • This release is a security fix release.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Wolf CMS - Wolf CMS comes with an easy to use graphic installerWolf CMS - A login screen protects the administration panelWolf CMS - Adding a page is done via a WYSIWYG editorWolf CMS - All active pages are listed in the Wolf CMS adminWolf CMS - Page snippets can be added and edited with Wolf CMSWolf CMS - Administrators can also edit page layouts & templatesWolf CMS - A file manager comes with all standard Wolf CMS installationsWolf CMS - The details of individual users can be altered as wellWolf CMS - Wolf CMS is a multi-user content management systemWolf CMS - Default functionality can be extended via pluginsWolf CMS - Various site settings can be edited (different admin theme)Wolf CMS - A default frontend theme comes with all Wolf CMS installations

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