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ollybach is announcing that WPPizza with version number is already available to download.

What is WPPizza ?

WPPizza is A WordPress plugin to build, manage and publish restaurant menus on a website, complete with an orders and payment system as well .

Even if the name hints at a pizzeria website plugin, WPPizza is “food”-agnostic, working with any type of food or restaurant type.There’s lot of things you can do with WPPizza. You can set it up just to show a static restaurant menu on a page. You can make it to work as a simple ordering system for delivery services. You can go all out and create a complex system meal and ingredients assembly system for your dishes. All of these scenarios depend on what the user wants and what additional WPPizza plugins and features he is willing to tweak to get what he wants.Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.After installation, some dummy data is added automatically to help webmasters get started on their menus.To not lose yourself in all the data, make sure to read the README file for instructions.

This is changelog for WPPizza version :

  • Updated:
  • Chosen JS library
  • Timepicker js library
  • jQuery validation js library

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

WPPizza - WPPizza comes with a simple menu manager in the WP backendWPPizza - Adding and editing a menu item is just like working with normal WP postsWPPizza - Menu items can be organized in food categoriesWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to customize order settingsWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to customize order form settingsWPPizza - WPPizza can be used to manage and display opening times as wellWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to manage and customize payment gatewaysWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to manage meal sizesWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to manage food additivesWPPizza - WPPizza allows admins to customize menu layoutsWPPizza - WPPizza supports internationalization for localized menusWPPizza - WPPizza keeps a history of all user ordersWPPizza - Various access rights can be customized in the WP backendWPPizza - Various other WPPizza tools can also be accessed in the backendWPPizza - A sidebar widget is also packed with WPPizzaWPPizza - Printing the menu in the frontend is done via a shortcodeWPPizza - A shopping cart widget is included with WPPizzaWPPizza - Users can select various ingredients and toppings for their pizzas/foodWPPizza - Various other pizza/food building options are available in the order formWPPizza - Using the additional WPPizza Ingredients plugin the pizza/food builder can be customize in a wide range of waysWPPizza - Once completed, the user can order and pay his food right away

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