Download Source Code Wurlie 3.4.1 is announcing that Wurlie with version number 3.4.1 is already available to download.

What is Wurlie ?

Wurlie is .

While the hype of creating and running your own URL service has passed for some years now, there’s still a need for solid URL shorting services. And while most of the time these services popup and die soon after they’re launched, there’s nothing better to do than create and run such a service on your own servers. Wurlie was created for such a case, allowing webmasters to upload and host their own URL shorting service, without having to rely on anything more than their hosting provider. And to help out developers, besides the classic admin panel for managing the site, Wurlie also supports a powerful API for easily accessing the site’s data programmatically.

This is changelog for Wurlie version 3.4.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Wurlie - The Wurlie admin is password protected and allows admins to manage the site's contentWurlie - screenshot #2Wurlie - All shortened URLs are available for review in the Wurlie admin panelWurlie - Active site users can also be managed from the backendWurlie - More than one domains can be configured with the Wurlie systemWurlie - Each domain's settings can be edited in depthWurlie - To prevent problems, a banned words filter is availableWurlie - Wurlie functionality can easily be extended via pluginsWurlie - Lots of the site's settings can be modified via the Wurlie backendWurlie - Wurlie also supports multi-lingual installationsWurlie - Infringing users can eaisly be bannedWurlie - On the Wurlie frontend, users can easily create simple or more complex shortened URLsWurlie - Once a short URL created, the user can easily share it via various social networksWurlie - Each user has his own frontend profile, where he can review recently created short URLsWurlie - Each user can also modify his own account's settingsWurlie - Users can also access statistics about every created short URL

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