Download Source Code X-Tag 1.1.12

X-Tag Development Team is announcing that X-Tag with version number 1.1.12 is already available to download.

What is X-Tag ?

X-Tag is A very powerful JavaScript library that taps into the W3C Web Components standard and allows developers to create custom HTML elements .

X-Tag allows programmers to create their very own custom HTML tags in the form of <x-element>, where the element is completely customizable. It can be <x-slideshow>, <x-accordion>, or even something preposterous like <x-softpedia>.This means developers can create basic frontend components using a predefined template and their very own events, showing data and interacting with the site’s users in the way you want to.Based entirely on the official Web Components standard, X-Tag is one of the first tools working with this new W3C proposal, and is surely to be a tool that will severely impact the way developers build Web pages in the future.X-Tag also comes with lots of polyfills to support Web Components on older browsers, making sure the apps you build won’t render properly in just a few modern desktop and mobile browsers.Mozilla’s Brick UI package is built on X-Tag, and you can also download it and use it as a reference point in your future projects.

This is changelog for X-Tag version 1.1.12 :

  • Unified mouse/touch events (tap, tapmove, etc) now use PointerEvents
  • Added event test page

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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