Download Source Code XHP 2.2.2

Facebook is announcing that XHP with version number 2.2.2 is already available to download.

What is XHP ?

XHP is A PHP extension which allows developers to use XML document fragments inside PHP documents without triggering errors or other warnings .

This basically transforms PHP into a template engine, by giving it the possibility to reuse data as it wants to.XHP works by parsing and interpreting content found inside curly braces {} as a full PHP expression, usually used only for variables.By enhancing this default syntax the developer can now reuse code much easier, making XHP ideal for coding user interfaces and templated layouts.Usage instructions are included with the XHP’s README file.

This is changelog for XHP version 2.2.2 :

  • Convert to Hack. The 1.x release series is still supported for users of PHP5
  • Added AwaitableXHP ; this allows you to build efficient XHP components where data fetching requirements are an implementation detail instead of part of the API they present
  • Attribute coercion is now much stricter, and raises an E_DEPRECATED. In a future release, the Hack typechecker will consider any coercion to be an error, and XHP-Lib will throw an exception.
  • Added XHPUnsafeRenderable and XHPAlwaysValidChild interfaces, making it easier to include markup from other sources in an XHP tree. See for more information

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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