Download Source Code Xindi (ColdFusion) 2015.11.4

Simon Bingham is announcing that Xindi (ColdFusion) with version number 2015.11.4 is already available to download.

What is Xindi (ColdFusion) ?

Xindi (ColdFusion) is .

Xindi is perfect for creating, managing and publishing small to medium websites on top of CFML. Xindi works just like any other PHP, Python, or Ruby-based CMS and can easily be deployed on any ColdFusion server. The CMS is built on top of the Railo ColdFusion framework, and should provide advanced content administration and security features out of the box. Xindi is also available for PHP projects.

This is changelog for Xindi (ColdFusion) version 2015.11.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Xindi (ColdFusion) - Xindi comes with a password protected administration dashboardXindi (ColdFusion) - Xindi can be used to manage static site pagesXindi (ColdFusion) - Xindi comes with a WYSIWYG editing experience for its usersXindi (ColdFusion) - A blogging/news/article module is included with XindiXindi (ColdFusion) - Contact form inquiries are saved to the database for later analysisXindi (ColdFusion) - Managing multiple users is also possible with XindiXindi (ColdFusion) - As with articles and news, user details can also be edited whenever neededXindi (ColdFusion) - Once all setup, a Xindi website will be available outside the backend

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