Download Source Code XpressEngine 1.8.15

NHN Corporation is announcing that XpressEngine with version number 1.8.15 is already available to download.

What is XpressEngine ?

XpressEngine is .

XpressEngine is a PHP script that allows beginners and advanced programmers alike to organize a site’s content using a visual admin interface. The CMS has a very powerful core, supporting a wide variety of features for easier content management and user administration.

This is changelog for XpressEngine version 1.8.15 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

XpressEngine - XpressEngine comes with an easy to use installerXpressEngine - XpressEngine ships with a very minimalistic default themeXpressEngine - As any other CMS, XpressEngine has an admin panelXpressEngine - Site menus can be easily managed with XpressEngineXpressEngine - Editing users details is easy with XpressEngineXpressEngine - A page's content can be modified via a WYSIWYG editorXpressEngine - XpressEngine supports themes and front-end skinsXpressEngine - Add-ons and modules can easily be added to the XpressEngine coreXpressEngine - A settings section allows the webmaster to control every facet of the XpressEngine CMSXpressEngine - Each user also has a frontend profile page

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