Download Source Code XWiki 7.1

XWiki Development Team is announcing that XWiki with version number 7.1 is already available to download.

What is XWiki ?

XWiki is A professional wiki platform written in Java, coming packed with lots of enterprise-level features for simplifying the process of building and managing a shared website .

XWiki can be used for creating intranets, simple websites, knowledge management apps, can be embedded into a CMS, for project collaboration, and even run as a fully-fledged portal.The plethora of features included with the platform allow it to easily adapt to any project’s requirements and let developers create a custom structured website without having to modify or write new code.XWiki comes with a powerful WYSIWYG page editor, that also features its own syntax.There’s also support for basic features like content importing and exporting, secure user authentication, user profile pages, and a fine-grained permissions system.An administration panel is provided, where various settings from database details, to language options can be set.On top of these you also have a powerful programming API to create your own set of features, along with lots of documentation if you ever need it.Overall XWiki should be the perfect solution if you like working with Java, being as powerful and as developer friendly as other more famous products like Liferay or dotCMS.

This is changelog for XWiki version 7.1 :

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You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

XWiki - XWiki is a powerful enterprise-level Java wiki platformXWiki - XWiki can be used to create, edit, and manage pages collectivelyXWiki - Administration panel, user registration, themes, and extensions are all supported by XWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWikiXWiki

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