Download Source Code Yako 0.5.3

Alfred Kam is announcing that Yako with version number 0.5.3 is already available to download.

What is Yako ?

Yako is Draw your charts with SVG and JavaScript, but do it with an accent on speed and performance, without blocking the user’s browser .

Yako is an open source JavaScript charting toolkit that uses SVG to plot out the chart’s graphics.It is DOM-less, meaning it has little interaction with the DOM, which indirectly portends a faster rendering and fewer browser freezes on the client-side.The Yako library follows the CommonJS development pattern and is highly recommended for usage on pages where lots of graphs need to be rendered efficiently.Examples and usage instructions are included with the download package.Yako works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments, and is also compatible with webpack and React.Supported graph types:- pie- donut- bar- line- bubble- area- scattered- spark

This is changelog for Yako version 0.5.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Yako - Yako is a JavaScript charting toolkit that uses SVG graphics

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