Download Source Code Zino UI 1.5

Dimitar Ivanov is announcing that Zino UI with version number 1.5 is already available to download.

What is Zino UI ?

Zino UI is A dual-licensed frontend UI framework, a powerful, complex and cross-browser tested tool for building Web-based user interfaces .

Zino UI works on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework and was built to help developers in creating modern, versatile interfaces for their Web-based applications.Zino UI is actually a collection of UI components (widgets) that programmers can selectively use in their work, depending on current/active project specs.The framework works with all major browsers and additionally supports CSS-based themes for easy customization.On top of this all widgets are WAI-ARIA accessible, come very well documented and provide built-in support for the new HTML 5 standard.Zino UI has a dual licensing model. The GPL license is valid for non-profit projects, while for profitable work a commercial license must be purchased.

This is changelog for Zino UI version 1.5 :

  • New components: ChartMap
  • Updated components: Chart, SVG, DataSource

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Zino UI - Zino UI comes packed with lots of components, one of them being an accordion widget/panelZino UI - Buttons, button sets, button groups and button toolbars can also be created with Zino UIZino UI - Zino UI also includes a calendar and date pickerZino UI - A charting component is packed with Zino UIZino UI - Various chart types are supported with the Zino UI charting packageZino UI - Zino UI allows developers to use custom graphics for checkbox elementsZino UI - A combobox selector is also supportedZino UI - Datagrids and rich formatted HTML tables can be created with the Zino UIZino UI - Inline editing is supported via Zino UIZino UI - Zino UI also supports drop-down multi-level menus as wellZino UI - Zino UI also comes with support for modal windowsZino UI - Dialog boxes can also be create with the Zino UI frameworkZino UI - Zino UI allows developers to use custom graphics for radio button groupsZino UI - Zino UI also supports custom drop-down select interfacesZino UI - Nested & linked selects are also supportedZino UI - Range sliders can be built with the Zino UI frameworkZino UI - Zino UI includes the famous and popular image slider componentZino UI - Spinners are supported in the Zino UI frameworkZino UI - Tab panels can easily be created with Zino UIZino UI - Nested tree structures and tree menus are packed with the Zino UI toolkit

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