Download Source Code Agni CMS 1.6

Vee W. is announcing that Agni CMS with version number 1.6 is already available to download.

What is Agni CMS ?

Agni CMS is .

Agni CMS was developed to reduce development time when working on CodeIgniter-powered projects. The CMS automates various operations and abstracts many to a GUI, allowing CI developers to simply deploy Agni to anywhere they need a new website project running in minutes. Agni CMS relies on CodeIgniter coding patterns and adjacent technologies to provide a professional, top of the line website publishing platform.

This is changelog for Agni CMS version 1.6 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Agni CMS - Agni CMS comes with its own installation wizardAgni CMS - The Agni CMS admin dashboard is password protectedAgni CMS - The admin dashboard provides a nice overview for all recent activityAgni CMS - Various options can be tweaked inside the Agni CMS settings panelAgni CMS - Agni CMS also comes with various administration toolsAgni CMS - Users and user details can be managed inside Agni CMSAgni CMS - Agni CMS comes with user groups and a fine-grained permissions systemAgni CMS - Agni CMS supports WYSIWYG content editingAgni CMS - Pages and articles are managed separatelyAgni CMS - Agni CMS has a comments moderation featureAgni CMS - A file manager/browser/upload is packed with Agni CMSAgni CMS - Agni CMS also has the ability to create and manage menusAgni CMS - The Agni CMS core is extendable via modulesAgni CMS - Themes can also be installed and used to tweak the CMS UIAgni CMS - Multi-site support is included with Agni CMS

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