Download Source Code Ametys CMS 3.7.3

Anyware Services is announcing that Ametys CMS with version number 3.7.3 is already available to download.

What is Ametys CMS ?

Ametys CMS is .

While it’s a good idea to model Web-based tools after desktop software, most developers hate making Web software actually LOOK like desktop software. But at the same time, even if this idea is detested by developers, it is adored by UX (user experience) experts which actually display empathy and can see the benefit of a recognizable interface and how it can help a product get adopted and used by a lot more users than your regular userbase. Ametys CMS is modeled after the now famous ribbon toolbar introduced with the latest (actually not so new, but the most recent) Microsoft Office GUI, which allows developers to compress and package lots of controls in a smaller space. While this UI decision makes it extremely easy to get around Ametys CMS, the features this CMS packs place it at the top of the Java CMS community as well. The core has been modeled to support advanced debug tools, multi-site support, easy internationalization and customizable content types, features that allow webmasters to use this CMS in practically any project they see fit for. Nothing is off limits for Ametys CMS, regardless of size or project requirements. From portals to personal blogs, from enterprise Intranets to one-page websites, Ametys CMS can handle it all.

This is changelog for Ametys CMS version 3.7.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Ametys CMS - The Ametys administration panel is password protectedAmetys CMS - After logging in, admins can choose which of the active sites to manageAmetys CMS - The Ametys CMS dashboard provides a quick overview of recent website changes and editsAmetys CMS - Every Ametys CMS page an be changed via an in-place editing experienceAmetys CMS - A broken link checker will help administrators find and fix problematic URLsAmetys CMS - A survey tool is included with the Ametys CMS packageAmetys CMS - To avoid duplicate content editing, Ametys CMS automatically locks contentAmetys CMS - A user management utility is included with Ametys CMSAmetys CMS - Users can be organized inside one or more groups if neededAmetys CMS - Editing user and group permissions is extremely easyAmetys CMS - A bus message tracker is included specifically for developersAmetys CMS - A server request tracker ships with Ametys CMS as well, espcially for Web developersAmetys CMS - For cases where clients choose to host the website on a Windows machine, an automated installer is provided via the EXE package

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