Download Source Code Angular-xeditable 0.1.10

Vitaliy Potapov is announcing that Angular-xeditable with version number 0.1.10 is already available to download.

What is Angular-xeditable ?

Angular-xeditable is .

Angular-xeditable provides a quick and easy way of editing text on a page, without relaying on a fully-blown WYSIWYG editor to do so. The plugin highlights and underlines editable content, which users can click and enter the “editing mode.” Depending on the date they’re editing, various controls will replace the text, like text input fields, textareas, dropdown fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, range sliders, steppers, and so on. Once the user has done all his editing he can click the “save” button, or he can dismiss all the changes by pressing the “cancel” button instead. The plugin works with any page elements that can hold text, from simple paragraphs up to tables and forms. Besides the AngularJS directive,Angular-xeditable is also available as jQuery plugin.

This is changelog for Angular-xeditable version 0.1.10 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Angular-xeditable - Angular-xeditable allows text to be edited right where it standsAngular-xeditable - Various editing modes are supported, may them be text input, textarea, dropdown selects, checkboxes, radio buttons, and so onAngular-xeditable - Support is included even for the new HTML5 inputs

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